Artificial Intelligence for CXOs


About Me

Over 20 years of technical innovation experience, leading teams, designing products and delivering large projects, along with a degree in Artificial Intelligence.

What I offer

Technical expertise and leadership for companies those looking to understand how AI will transform the business. Technical management of product development and project delivery.

My approach

I develop a fully tailored technology strategy. Along with my team we can then offer design and development services, help select the right suppliers or lead and inspire your team to deliver on the strategy.


  • Allows you to focus on your core business

  • You get professional technology expert in you business for a fraction of the cost and commitment

  • I help you to understand how complex AI can change your business

  • I ensure that requirements are met efficiently and in a timely manner

  • I effectively manage service providers and suppliers

  • I ensure that you in-house team are working efficiently

  • Creation of a long-term technical strategy that can help transform you business

  • Provide cost effective technical resources, products and services


Every engagement is a partnership for me, where I look to support the best interest of my clients.  I expect my engagements to be long-term and evolve, so that my advice and services become integral to the technological evolution of the organization.  Unlike outsourced service providers I offer truly honest and impartial advice, always focused on your best interests.

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